SG Lettings is an independent lettings and property management business that specialises in providing accommodation for working professionals in the Crewe area. We also offer properties for families, company lets and higher education students.

The Lettings industry is changing and so is our business! Here at SG Lettings we are unique in how we operate, unlike traditional Letting Agents. As part of SG Property Group we develop and expand our portfolio of properties and accommodation units in-house, not from external landlords.

For Tenants: We provide long term lets on Rooms, Apartments and Houses, but also offer flexible short term Accommodation with our Serviced Properties.

So whether your a working professional looking for a short term accommodation, a Full-time Student or a Family looking for your next home, we can help.

Further information for Workers:

  • You should be in full time employment or on a work placement
  • Looking for a minimum 3 month stay (although some properties require 6 months)
  • Be able to provide 2 references from either employer, ex-landlord, parents or a professional
  • Provide poof of bank account, bank card or statement
  • Provide proof of ID, passport, driving license, identity card
  • Have 1 month’s rent in advance plus £150 as a security deposit

Contact us today so that we can help you find suitable properties to meet your accommodation needs.

For more information regarding our short term accommodation options, please visit